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  • Do you recommend purchasing fixtures or faucets from box stores? +

    When looking for new faucets or fixtures, I recommend visiting our plumbing supply show rooms as they will be able to help you with any questions as well as provide a better quality product. Any item purchased from our show room will be backed by our warranty. Many faucets and fixtures from box stores are not of a decent quality, nor will it be backed by our warranty.

    1. Ferguson Supply – 1210 E Douglas
    2. Hajoca Supply – 711 N Hydraulic
    3. Phoenix Supply – 2635 S Pattie
  • What do I need to look for in a new toilet? +

    We offer a full line of toilets from several top brands. In the past, toilets required a larger volume of water to give a stronger flush. Today, however, toilets use less water to provide the same, or stronger, flush. Usually, the larger the flapper, the stronger the flush, regardless of how much water is used to flush the toilet. A good flushing toilet has a flush power of between 800 – 1000 grams per flush.

  • My water bill is very expensive! +

    We first need to check for any toilets that may be running, faucets that may be dripping, or pipes that may be leaking. If we cannot find anything in the house, we will check your water service to verify if it is leaking. If it is in fact your water service, we need to either repair or replace it.

  • What garbage disposer do you recommend using? +

    We offer garbage disposers ranging from 1/3 horse power up to 1 horse power, with warranties from 1 year up to 10 years. Our standard garbage disposer is the In Sink Erator Badger 5 garbage disposer. This unit is a ½ horse power unit that has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • My garbage disposer is leaking. Does it need replaced? +

    If we find a drain line dripping, we will not need to replace it. However, if water is coming from the bottom of the disposer, the unit has rusted, and will need replaced.

  • What backup sump pump do you recommend? +

    1. Regarding backup sump pumps, there are 2 options. Option 1 is the water powered option. The Liberty SJ-10 water powered back up pump can pump approximately 13 gallons of effluent water per minute with 50 PSI water pressure. The City of Wichita requires backflow protection for all water powered backup pumps. Backflow preventers require testing and certification yearly, and a mandatory rebuild every 5 years. A water powered pump uses approximately 2 gallons of city water to pump out 1 gallon of effluent water. In times of heavy rain, it can affect your water bill. However, a water powered backup pump can operate without electricity, as longs as it has water pressure to it.
    2. The second option is a battery powered backup sump pump. The PHCC 1730 battery backup can pump 28 gallons of effluent water per minute. A battery can last between 30 – 60 hours, depending on inflow of water, in the event of power failure. An alarm is included with the system that sounds for any of the following: the battery needs power, the battery needs replaced or is defective, a cable is loose, power to the unit has been lost, or the pump has activated. WARRANTY The battery lasts between 2-5 years depending on maintenance and use.
  • What sump pump do you install? +

    Our standard sump pump is a Zoeller M-53. The Zoeller M-53 has a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and can pump approximately 35 gallons per minute. If you need a pump with that can pump a greater volume, I recommend the Zoeller M-98. The Zoeller M-98 also has a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, however it can pump approximately 60 gallons per minute.

  • The water coming out of my hot water is brown/orange. What is happening? +

    When brown/orange water is evident there are several options. If you have a tank type water heater, it may be full of sediment. We can flush the water heater, clean it of sediment, and the water should clear up. In the event the water does not clear, it is possible the iron vessel of the water heater has begun rusting and your water heater will eventually begin leaking from the outside.

  • My water heater is leaking from the tank. Can it be repaired? +

    When a water heater leaks from the tank itself, we have no choice but to replace it. Most water heaters have an iron vessel that you cannot see, lined by glass. When this glass lining breaks, or ruptures, water comes into contact with the tank eventually causing the iron vessel to rust and begin leaking. If the water heater is within its warranty period, we can get a warranty replacement, but labor and material used to hook up the new heater will be charged for.

  • What warranty do you have for your water heaters? +

    For any water heater installation we offer a 1 year labor warranty. Tank type water heaters have a 6 year warranty on tank and parts. We can add an extended warranty to those units increasing them to 10 year warranties on tank and parts. Water heaters with 12 year warranties are available, however we would need to order one in.

  • Do you do residential or commercial plumbing? +

    David Lies Plumbing Inc. specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing. We offer services for plumbing repairs, plumbing remodels, and new construction projects.

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