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Although not a new concept, radiant floor heating has been growing in popularity due to great advancements in technology. Boilers, although smaller, provide larger heating output. Systems require fewer pumps and valves. Temperature readings are taken from ambient air, the concrete slab, and from the exterior of the building offering a much more comfortable heat.

Radiant floor heating is the use of flexible tubing, often PEX piping, ran underneath a concrete slab, heated by recirculated water from a boiler.

Radiant floor heating offers several advantages to forced air:

  • Systems run more efficiently
  • Utility costs are lower
  • Heating a slab allows for less heat loss
  • Floor heating is more comfortable

Heating the floor of a building provides a comfortable working surface for office areas, manufacturing areas, warehouse areas, and laboratories. Radiant systems can be split up into zones allowing for individual temperature control of different areas of a building. Radiant can be used in most any application ranging from residential to commercial uses.

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